Monday, January 12, 2009


Sunday afternoon, the Red Line, Jackson station.

Sean and his nephew Crishawn (the spellings of the names couldn’t be confirmed) draw a crowd of some dozen onlookers as they practice their craft.

Sean doesn’t offer a lot of personal information about either of them, though he does say that Crishawn’s father has died.

When asked by a visitor, “You training him?” Sean replies, “He's training me.”

Not bad— Crishawn’s only three years old.

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Anonymous said...

I may be swimming against the tide here, but this saddens me. This guy is teaching his little nephew to beat on a leftover plastic container and beg.

Besides the beating being very loud and annoying and potentially illegal in several areas (including on most 'L' platfoms), this is about the worst message any adult could impart to a child. Do well in school? Nah. Take up a trade? Uh-uh.

Continue the welfare-mentality culture that says you can't succeed in life so you might as well sit on a corner and beg beginning at age three?

You betcha. That's horrifying.